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What People are Saying

CRUSH is amazing, it really helped me understand what a healthy relationship is. I was shocked at the different ways an abuser can control you.
Thank you!

Female 14yr old Herefordshire

I really struggled with what i had been through at home, and i was noticing that i was becoming like my dad. I was losing my temper and getting angry at both my mum and girlfriend. Doing CRUSH helped me understand that it wasn't my fault, and I can change my behavior. Just because i have experienced things at home, doesn't mean i am going to be an abuser.

Male 16yr old Worcestershire

I was able to open up and help the characters through their relationships, as i has experienced similar things.

Male 15yr old Worcestershire

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What are young people saying?

I now realise that i was in abusive relationship, and can now deal with what i was going through.
Female, 16 year old Shropshire

CRUSH is a brilliant way of learning about relationships. We covered so much in such a short space of time, it has really made me think about what can influence a person's decision.
Female, 16 year old Herefordshire

At first i didn't want to do CRUSH cause i didn't see myself as 'needing help' and i thought it was gonna be lame. But i actually enjoyed myself and we didn't have to talk about ourselves. Hearing about other peoples problems and the short and long term effect of an unhealthy relationship made me consider my situation.
Male, 15 year old Herefordshire


What about professionals:

Abusive domestic relationships are both physically and emotionally damaging to children and young people, whether they themselves are a direct victim or are children being exposed to abuse between parents/carers. CRUSH is a professional and powerful training programme of the highest standard. It empowers young people to be able to make informed decisions about their lives. It also provides a firm support foundation to assist all professionals in a range of roles to support children & young people suffering abusive environments. I would strongly encourage schools and colleges to use CRUSH within their learning environments. As a community of professionals we all want to secure a safer future for our children and young people to enable them to grow, flourish and achieve the best they can in life.
Superintendent Ivan Powell, West Mercia Police

I think it will really benefit the young parents we work with and the content in particular particularly as each course can be adapted to the audience.
Children's Centre Manager, Worcestershire

We're delighted with the impact the CRUSH project has had on our students. It has engaged, challenged and infromed, enabled them to explore a difficult area in a safe and supportive enviroment.
Amanda Pandelli, St Davids PRU, Herefordshire

CRUSH fits very well with the work we do with young people who display harmful sexual  behaviour as well as those in violent relationships.
C&YP Practice Manager, S

Brilliant training, brilliant programme! Young people will really benefit from doing this course. It is wonderful that there is something like this out there, as it is so needed.
Youth Worker, Herefordshire


Notice Board

With CRUSH, you don’t need to talk about yourself or reveal personal details of your life - we use fictional characters, which YOU create, to explore healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Your safety is PARAMOUNT, so before you start the programme we’ll need to go through some procedures to ensure that everyone who attends a group can do so safely!where-is-the-love

There are various ways in which you can get on a programme.

  • You can use the "Referral" button at the top of the page
  • Call the info & referral line on 0800 014 9084
  • Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • See which programmes are running in your area by clicking on the "Find a group" button and contacting the facilitator yourself

All referrals, no matter how they come to us are ALL CONFIDENTIAL!