24hr Domestic Abuse Helplines: Herefordshire, Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin Call 0800 783 1359Worcestershire Call 0800 980 3331
24hr Domestic Abuse Helplines: Herefordshire, Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin: 0800 783 1359
Worcestershire: 0800 980 3331

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Together we are still strong

£3 per month

Every family that comes to stay at our refuges is given a welcome pack of new sheets, towels and toiletries. It’s the least we can do. A donation of £3 a month will provide a woman and her children with that welcome, every year.

£5 per month

For many women who call our Helpline, this will be the first time they have reached out and shared their story. Whilst local commissioners contribute towards this vital service, every contact still incurs a direct cost to West Mercia Women’s Aid of £5. Around 600 women contact us each year.

£10 per month

Every year, over 2,500 women find their way to West Mercia Women’s Aid. Some may call us, others may be plan their journey to our refuges and safe houses. Many find support from others in the community–friendships that will last a lifetime. Yet too few women know we are here, and how to find us. It takes time, talent and technology to get that message out there. £10 a month will keep that word spreading to those who are isolated, alone, and who don’t know where to turn.

We are here for them. With your help.

Together we can create a future free from domestic abuse.

For over 40 years it has been our mission to reduce the incidence and impact of domestic abuse and violence against women and girls in West Mercia by providing support, protection and prevention services that empower those affected by domestic abuse to rebuild their lives.