24hr Domestic Abuse Helplines:Herefordshire & Shropshire: 0800 783 1359Telford & Wrekin: 0800 840 3747Worcestershire: 0800 980 3331
24hr Domestic Abuse Helplines: Herefordshire & Shropshire: 0800 783 1359
Telford & Wrekin: 0800 840 3747
Worcestershire: 0800 980 3331

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Safety Planning – I have already left my abuser

Safety Planning Support

A safety plan can help to protect you and your children. It helps you plan in advance for the possibility of future violence and abuse. It also helps you to consider how you can increase your safety either within the relationship, or if you decide to leave.

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Still in an abusive relationship
Preparing to leave your abuser
Already left an abuser
Safety planning with children
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Safety Planning – I have already left my abuser

If you are experiencing post-separation abuse or harassment there are ways to protect yourself and your family. It is always best to speak to a professional via the Helpline as they can ensure that the safety planning is tailored to your personal situation.

Ongoing abuse or harassment

  • Seek specialist advice and support – by calling WMWA Helpline or using Live Chat on the WMWA website.
  • Consider reporting the abuse to the police by calling 999 in an emergency or 101 for non-emergencies.
  • Consider applying for a civil order, for example a Non-Molestation Order prevents the abuser from making contact with you and/or your children if the order is breached they can be arrested. Follow the link for further information on your legal options.
  • Try to store any evidence of abuse such as texts, photos or emails safely. If you can’t store them safely or have concerns about tracking on your devices speak to your GP and ask them to make a record of the incident for you.
  • If you are experiencing ongoing abuse through child contact consider seeking legal advice to discuss your options.
  • Vary your routine; for example the times you start or finish work or the place/time you shop or visit family.
  • Speak to your employer or children’s place of education and request additional security measures are put into place. Most employers and educational establishments will have a domestic abuse policy and will be supportive of this.
  • Be mindful of your online footprint, for further information read our online safety tips
  • You may be eligible for additional security measures for your home, to find out more about if you are eligible, speak to your landlord or local policing team.
  • If you own your home you could consider installing CCTV or additional locks or lighting to increase your security.
  • If it is appropriate, discuss your situation with your neighbours and encourage them to report anything suspicious to you or the police.
  • Police Safe and Neighbourhood Teams may be able to complete visits to you on a regular basis to check in with you on how you and your children are. This can be discussed further with a domestic abuse worker or through your local policing team.
  • Experiencing domestic abuse can have a negative impact on emotional wellbeing and mental health. If you would like advice or support please speak to your GP or another specialist health professional.

Safety Planning Support

A safety plan can help to protect your child against future violence and abuse - download our Information About Safety Planning With Children.

Safety Plans

Read through our other safety plans and our online safety guide or call the helpline to ensure you have all the relevant information.