24hr Domestic Abuse Helplines:Herefordshire & Shropshire: 0800 783 1359Telford & Wrekin: 0800 840 3747Worcestershire: 0800 980 3331
24hr Domestic Abuse Helplines: Herefordshire & Shropshire: 0800 783 1359
Telford & Wrekin: 0800 840 3747
Worcestershire: 0800 980 3331


The Safer Streets initiative is a Home Office Grant to support Police and partners in tackling violence against women and girls, neighbourhood crime and anti-social behavior. The Safer Streets partnership in Herefordshire includes; West Mercia Women’s Aid, West Mercia Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre (Purple Leaf), Vennture, Herefordshire Council, Herefordshire Women’s Equality Group, Herefordshire Community Partnership, Hereford Night In, Hereford College of Arts and West Mercia Police. We came together in 2021 with the shared vision of ending male violence against women in Herefordshire.

The project focuses on raising awareness through delivering sessions in schools and to Night Time Economy Workers. CCTV has been installed in areas of the City where women feel most vulnerable, enhanced street lighting, landscaping to reduce crime, funding for Lean-on-Me teams to run a night-time street triage and recovery centre and art project with the college to make the subways less hostile.

West Mercia Women’s Aid and Purple Leaf were commissioned to increase awareness of sexual abuse and exploitation, the importance of challenging inappropriate behaviour and to equip young people with the tools to be able to identify healthy and unhealthy relationships and to know where to go to for help and support.

This was delivered through a range of sessions in schools, colleges and to night time economy staff which includes bars, clubs, restaurants and taxi drivers. The sessions were delivered to mixed gender groups focusing on enabling open discussion around themes such as toxic masculinity and how this impacts all, regardless of gender.


You can find out more about the work the Safer Streets Partnership are doing by visiting their website: https://timeforchange.info/


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